The Trivy Climbing Hammock

Camp Higher

Trivy’s Climbing Hammock is the lightest single point hammock on the market. When combined with an inflatable camping pad it transforms into an ultra light portaledge for over night climbs far away from home.

Incredibly Packable

Our Climbing Hammock packs so small it can be clipped to your climbing harness. (photo clipped to harness)

Minimalist climbing gear hand made in the USA.

All TRIVY hammocks are hand sewn by Logan, an obsessed climber and design perfectionist.

What People Say

“My Trivy single point hammock is wicked sick yo.”

~some super awesome climber (probably)


Trivy started in the Midwest’s enormous cottonwood trees and granite spires.

My very first design hanging in a big cotton wood tree.

The Beginning

8 years ago I made the segue from rock climbing into the tree canopy. I loved spending all night in my home made hammock up high in the sky. I quickly became obsessed with everything about portaledge construction. After spending three months researching fabrics, metals, and sewing techniques then spending another two weeks in front of my sewing machine I had my very first double portaledge.

Overnight highline party in MN.

Life in the Tree Canopy

Over the years I amassed a list of friends who loved climbing and camping up in the sky. We climbed buildings, towers, mountains, and of course trees. I tried every idea I could think of including a four-point hammock, an inflatable portaledge, and a hammock with spreader bars UNDERNEATH. In 2019 I finally settled on a standard portaledge with rounded corners and began building them for customers.

Third prototype with triangular strap anchors.

Trivy Climbing Gear is Born

After loosing the battle with my aluminum tubing supplier over tube diameter tolerances I went back to the drawing-board determined to create a single-point hanging bivy WITHOUT the need for heavy, bulky, and frustrating metal tubes. I began to document the evolution of the design on YouTube. After building/testing multiple prototypes and cutting away every unneeded ounce I had created the perfect tree camping hammock.

Shipping after the school year.

Complete list of specifications, price, and photos will arrive after the school year.

Current status: postponing my business to spend more time with my children.